CEW (“Q”)=Consciousness Enlightenment Wisdom: Quantitative Quality.

CEW (“Q”)=Clyde “E.” Ward: Quantitative Quality.

Verse=Song/Written &/or Recited passage.

I Am CEW (“Q”): A Singer-Songwriter-Composer-Artist-Author-Philosopher and “Student of Life”. My purpose for presenting theses songs in the form of CEW(“Q”)-ZIK (Music) and other “verse”(i.e., poetry, literature, quotes, data, information, images: “A picture is worth a thousand words”, etc.) is in the purpose of inspiring, motivating and serving as an instrument and/or tool to assist others in their quest for and attainment of Mental, Spiritual & Physical elevation (enlightenment/empowerment).

My attempt is to present you, not with songs that are the ‘flavor-of-the-month’ or the ‘cookie-cutter’ produced, marketed and distributed [pop]ular music, or with brain-dead, “inside-the-box” programmed concepts, but with songs & concepts of a ‘timeless’ nature that at any given moment that they are heard &/or seen, they’ll be relevant, meaningful, inspiring, motivational and useful.

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