All KiNdS Of PeoPLe- The Arts and Beyond.

Poetic Visionary Artist employs

“All Kinds Of People” to create a Universal Masterpiece.

There can be no words without images. ~Aristotle
The Medium is the Message. ~Marshall McLuhan

All KiNdS Of PeOPLe Framed Picture

All Kinds Of PeOPLe…”We are the sum of one.”







“All KiNdS OfPeoPLe”,a work of CEWQ NEGU, utilizing the artists’ “Alpha-Humeric” method consisting of ideograms and glyphs might draw comparisons to the Stick Figure, ‘Everyman’ or Standart artwork of the German expressionist A.R. Penck and might certainly be an actualization of what Freelance Illustrator/Painter Marshall Arisman envisioned when he conceptualized and developed ‘Illustration  as Visual Essay’, the program which demands that the artists stretch their creative talents to include writing — either with a poem, short story, or long narrative accompanying the visual work. However, where ‘everyman’ would appear limited in context to one specific gender, ‘AKOP’ includes both genders and is therefore unlimited regarding Humanity and it also satisfies and confirms the tenets presented by Paul Martin Lester, Ph.D. in his Syntactic Theory of Visual Communication which include the dictate that mediated words and pictures have equal importance in the communication process. Although this work can be considered as Figurative-Expressionism, because it integrates the alphabets (essay) as an integral part of it’s visual shapes (illustration) which actually spell out the descriptive title of the work (literal) in an abstract manner, it should more appropriately be referred to as, ‘Literal-Figurative-Expressionism or FEALT (pronounced: felt) Figurative Expressionism Art Literally Transcribed.



Of ([O]ccupied [f]amiliarity
“Bleonging To”

[P]urposefully [E]volving [O]rganisms [P]opulating [L]ife-sustaining [E]arth (Ecosystem)


“Every night and every day;
All KiNdS Of PeOPLe, come and go their own way.
Living their lives,
doing wrong and/or right:
All said and done;
We are the sum of ONE.”


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