Deezigns by Dee

DeeZigns by Dee
“An eye for detail, from DeeZigns exceedingly done well.”

Independent Contractor: Graphic Designer, Interior Decorator, Advertising Design Consultant and Mother & Grandmother of Creative Geniuses.

Alicia Antoinette Hollins received her nickname of Dee Dee as a child, due to the fact that her older siblings had difficulty saying, “Double A” (for Alicia Antoinette); hence the easier pronounced Dee Dee (“D D”). Blessed with an eye for detail; her designs are a special treat for not only one’s eyes, but for the Mind’s Eye as well.


Received A.A.S. Degree in Advertising Design and Production from MVCC in Utica, NY

Majored in College Preparation at Utica Free Academy in Utica, NY, where she graduated 13th out of 400 students.


Retail Management, Customer Service, Supervisory, Financial and Accounting Experience with an analytical, yet compassionate eye for detail.


Creative artwork, including thumbnails, roughs, camera-ready artwork, and mechanicals. Experience with Compugraphic MDT 350, ACM 9000, Trendsetter 88, VGC Phototypositor, VariTyper Headliner, nuArc Platemaker, Brown 2000 Process Camera, VGC Pos 1 Stat System, Color Separations, 35 mm and 4 x 5 Cameras, Darkroom Processing.


Who’s Who: 1983, 1984
National Honor Society: Fall 1983
President’s List: Fall 1984
Vice President’s List: Spring 1985
Vice President’s List: Fall 1985
Mother & Grandmother of Highly Gifted Geniuses.