NEGU Logo’s Deciphered Binary Numbers

   Greetings!  If you haven’t seen the previous page showing the deciphering of the NEGU® Logo; please click here to do so.

   Although it has been revealed that the NEGU® Logo as a graphic design is an integrated overlay of text letters that spell out the word-phrase “NEGU®“; it also contains over thirty (30) more words, numbers and symbols (approximately 40).   The binary numbers zero (0) and one (1) within the NEGU® Logo are revealed here on this page: Below

   Can you use your Visual Literacy skills to spot the other words, numbers and symbols?  Feel free to Contact CEW (“Q”) with a message revealing what you’ve spotted.

NEGU® Logo… Un-deciphered

NEGU® Logo Binary Number Zero deciphered

NEGU® Logo Binary Number One deciphered