The Official NEGU (Nay-Goo): Never Ever Give Up® Logo by CEW ("Q"): Creator of the NEGU Concept

The Official NEGU (Nay-Goo): Never Ever Give Up® Logo by CEW (“Q”): Creator of the NEGU Concept

The origins of NEGU (Nay-Goo): Never Ever Give U

NEGU (Nay-Goo): Never Ever Give Up® is the brainchild, motto and lifestyle of Clyde E. Ward [a/k/a CEW(“Q”)]. The acronymic phrase, NEGU (Pronounced: Nay-Goo); standing for Never Ever Give Up was coined by Clyde E. Ward/CEW(“Q”) in 1989 while he was living in Augusta, GA. Newly relocated in April of 1988 and struggling through many trials & tribulations there, he coined the phrase NEGU and started developing a language-system based on acronyms, which he named PANACRONISM. PANACRONISM stands for People of All Nationality’s Archaic Cultural Resurrection Of Networking In Semantic Manner. He wrote an article explaining his concept and in 1991 he submitted it to Essence Magazine to be included in one of their article departments.

After years of developing the philosophy, re-development and revisions due to further experience (experiences such as unemployment, injuries, homelessness, divorce, estrangement from his children, depression, dysfunctional family relations, doubt, procrastination, etc.) and enlightenment, many things occurred that almost prevented what would eventually end up as a book, from being completed and published. NEGU is the core gist of the creative process and fulfilling ones goals of achievement through perseverance. It isn’t simply the physical ailments in times of pain and strife throughout life that we need inner-strength, faith, belief and perseverance, but also in times of where there no obvious signs of stress or physical impairment. Just as, it is said to only take the faith as tiny as a mustard-seed to be effective in getting the desired results, it is only necessary for whatever it is that is holding you back and keeping you from achieving your goals to be as small or even smaller than a mustard-seed. In other words, one doesn’t have to be diagnosed with cancer or some other physically life-challenging episode to use NEGU. Growing up in the housing-projects and being raised in a single-parent household by a very strict Mother helped to shape the persevering nature and unconquerable Spirit that brought CEW(“Q”) through many struggles. Underachievement is one of the worst cancers in the U.S.A. and globally.

Although the phrase NEGU was coined in 1989 by CEW(“Q”), it was two decades before that, as a little nine year old boy, that the spark for a clarification of and subsequent creative desire to find and ‘make’ meaning of words used, was ignited. As a nine year old going to the local grocery store for a pound of bologna (which isn’t pronounced as : Bo-log-nuh, but buh-low-knee), he asked for a “lab” of bologna instead of the “pound” his Mother told him to get, as a result of reading the signs. From that transformation of the little boy Clyde to the Creative known as CEW(“Q”), the essence and use of NEGU has always been present within him. Now, over four decades later since that fateful day in the grocery store as an inquisitive and perplexed nine year old boy trying to make sense of the words and definitions used to describe things, the applied-faith, strength, courage, belief and perseverance that describes NEGU has served him well, as the revealing of the origins of this phenomena almost didn’t happen.

His book on the subject of Linguistics, Meta-is-ics (Metaphysical, Meta-Spiritual and Meta-Mental), Philosophy and Human Achievement (the Power of NEGU) has been a long time coming and hopefully its presentation will prove to be well worth the wait. Not only has CEW(“Q”) expressed the essence of NEGU through literary means with his book, but through prose, Music, Graphic Design, Motivational Speaking and other products and services in an effort to help instill motivation, inspiration , creativity, perseverance and achievement skills. He defines and reveals the attributes, power and beauty of this ‘Acronymic’ phenomenon in a way that is clear, academic, creative, meaningful, exhilarating and fun. The essence and power of NEGU is revealed through various forms of creative expression: Music, Art, Literature, crafts and exercises in Human achievement, which tests the very core of the way we manifest “Applied Faith” aka NEGU (Nay-Goo): Never Ever Give Up®. It’s a blend of age-old timeless universal principles with a unique outlook that exemplifies ‘Language Arts’ representing the Art of Language as a catalyst for progressive change.

The NEGU (Nay-Goo): Never Ever Give Up® FLAG

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“Listen & Look; But Don’t T.O.O.K.” Thieve Other’s Owned Knowledge
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The Power of NEGU is a perfect example of American innovation, ingenuity and the unconquerable Human Spirit.


The Purpose of NEGU (Nay-Goo): Never Ever Give Up®

To Promote and Stimulate Creativity and Innovative Thinking/Expression Originating within the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, as well as Abroad; To Acknowledge and Illustrate examples of the Creative/Expressive FREEDOMS the USA Affords and the RESILIENCE, RESOURCEFULNESS and PERSEVERANCE of the AMERICAN and HUMAN SPIRIT.

I wish YOU the very Best.

Love, Prayers, Applied Faith & Blessings;
CEW (“Q”)



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